Behavior Policy

As a vital community resource agency the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library's purpose is to provide informational services and resources to our customers in a pleasant and safe environment.

Any behavior that disrupts library use or interferes with a pleasant and safe environment for the public and/or the staff is considered "problem" behavior.

Behavior Policies for Customers

Library standards of acceptable behavior apply to all customers. In order to ensure the effective delivery of service and full access to facilities and information, and to maintain a quiet, safe and healthy environment for all library users and staff, the library has adopted the following policies. Noncompliance may result in the customer being asked to leave the premises.

Appropriate activities and behavior include:
Reading, writing, researching, doing homework, tutoring, browsing for books and other materials, using computer resources, thinking, and talking in soft tones, attending programs, and viewing exhibits. Activities must be conducted quietly so as not to disturb others. Library materials, equipment and furniture, belong to everyone and should be used with care.

The following is not permitted in the Library::
  • Disruptive Behavior/Disorderly Conduct - ARS 13-2904 includes: excessive noise/use of sound equipment without headphones, annoying other customers, running in the building.
  • Child Abuse, Sexual Or Physical - ARS 13-3623, 13-604.01, 13-1404-1410
  • Abandonment/Neglect Of Children - ARS 13-3619, ARS 8-201
  • Harassment/Threats/Stalking/Indecent Exposure/Sexual Or Verbal Abuse of library users or staff - City Administrative Policy 3/94, Civil Rights Act 1964, 1991, ARS 13-2921, ARS 13-2904, ARS 13-2923, City 6-1-2
  • Lewd Acts/Obscene Language - ARS 13-1412, 13-3501-3512, 13-1401-1403, City 6-1-6
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes - ARS 36-601, City Ordinance 1450
  • Gambling - ARS 3-3301, City 6-1-12
  • Intoxication resulting from alcohol or drugs - ARS 36-2021, 4-233, 13-3401
  • Loitering/Sleeping/Soliciting/Begging - ARS 13-2905, City 6-1-2
  • Vandalism/Robbery/Shoplifting/Theft, abuse of facilities, equipment, materials ARS 13-1601-1602, 13-1601-1602, 12-661, Robbery - ARS 13-1902-04, Shoplifting - ARS 13-1805, Theft - ARS 13-1802, City 6-1-3
  • Assault/Endangerment - ARS -13-1201-1204
  • Criminal Trespass - ARS 13-1501-02
  • Littering - ARS 13-16011602, City 6-6-1 & 2
  • Setting Off Fire Alarms - City 6-1-7
  • Eating Food/Drinking Beverages without a Lid/Chewing Tobacco
  • Use Of Wrong Restrooms/Bathing/Washing Clothes
  • Delinquent Behavior - ARS - 8-202, 230
  • Skateboards/Roller Blades - City Ordinance 1848
  • Inappropriate dress: i.e., no shirt, no shoes
  • Distribution of pamphlets or fliers within the Library building unless such distributors have been approved in advance by the Library and allow Library users to approach them exclusively (i.e., distributors may not approach library users)
  • Carrying or displaying signs, posters or placards within Library premises
  • Actions that will block access or egress to Library premises or create safety hazards.
  • Mistreating or abusing library property, including computers and equipment.
  • Having offensive body odor or personal hygiene so as to unreasonably interfere with other patrons' ability to use the Library and its facilities.
  • Leaving packages, backpacks, luggage, or any other personal items unattended. These unattended items are subject to immediate confiscation.
  • Moving Library furniture from where it is placed by Library staff.
  • Lying down on any floor, table, or seat in the Library. No sitting, lying down or congregating that would block Library aisles or exit.
  • Failing to comply with a reasonable staff request to cease behavior that interferes with the effective functioning of the library.
The following may not be brought into the library:
  • Weapons - ARS 13-3101-02, ARS 13-3111 (Minors), City 6-1-13
  • Animals except for guide dogs - City 6-2-1
  • Bicycles - (Skateboards And Roller Blades may be carried)

While at the library:

You may ...
  • Look for and retrieve materials
  • Use computers to locate materials or information
  • Ask a librarian for assistance
  • Read
  • Do homework
  • Research topics
  • Visit quietly with others

The library has the right to regulate behavior as it relates to the function of the library. Any behavior that disrupts or interferes with an appropriate or safe environment for the public or staff is subject to reprimand.

Anyone displaying inappropriate behavior as mentioned above will be given one warning and told what is expected. If inappropriate behavior continues, the individual(s) will be asked to leave. Youth will call their parent for immediate pick-up and will need to leave the library for the rest of the day. If inappropriate behavior is repeated, the individual(s) will not be allowed to return to the library for an extended and specified period of time.

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Last updated on April 22, 2015

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