Checkout Policy

You can check out a maximum of 20 items which can include any combination of books, videos, DVDs, audio books and music CDs. A maximum of 5 new books are permitted per card. A maximum of 10 DVDs, audio books, and music CDs are permitted.

Material Type

Checkout length

Item Limit

New Book 14 days 5
Book 21 days 20
Audio Books 21 days 5
Video 7 days 10
DVDs 7 days 10
Music CDs 14 days 10

You are responsible for ALL materials borrowed with your card or your child's card. Parents/legal guardians are also responsible for their child's choice of materials. The library does not restrict access to any library materials or services.

The library does not charge overdue fines but you will be charged for any materials that are damaged or lost. You will receive a bill for long overdue items. You must return the items or your account will be charged. If your account is charged for overdue items, there will also be a non-waivable processing charge assessed. Your account will then be sent to a Collection Agency and borrowing privileges denied until the materials are returned and/or charges paid.

If a card is lost or stolen, you are responsible until you report the loss to the library. Library staff will then place a permanent stop on your card. You can obtain a replacement card for two dollars. Please notify the library when you have a change of address.

Library materials may be renewed unless a hold has been placed on the item. Requests for renewal may be made online through iBistro, by signing onto your account. If you have questions about your account you may contact the Circulation desk at 213-2330.

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Last updated on January 28, 2013

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