Words or Phrase (Keyword) searching

A Words or Phrase search is the broadest way to search. This will search all the words in the catalog. A words or phrase search is the default search.

screenshot of basic search box with words or phrase selected

Type "and" between keywords for a better search. E.g. to search for Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell, you could try typing "mitchell and wind"

Use a Words or Phrase search:
  • To search for words in the author, title, subjects, or description of an item.
  • When you're not sure of the exact title or author.
  • When you don't know an exact Subject term.
  • To search for short story or essay titles (which are sometimes included in an item's record)
To search for Words or Phrase:
  1. Type the term or terms in the search box.
  2. Make sure the first drop-down box says Words or Phrase
  3. Click Go.

Tip: Misspellings are common causes for unsuccessful searches. If your search retrieves no items, check your spelling or try different words.

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