Behavior Policy

While at the library:

You may ...
  • Look for and retrieve materials
  • Use computers to locate materials or information
  • Ask a librarian for assistance
  • Read
  • Do homework
  • Research topics
  • Visit quietly with others
You may not ...
  • Talk loudly, harass, use abusive or offensive language, or be disrespectful or offensive to others
  • Eat food, drink beverages, smoke, or chew tobacco
  • Mistreat or abuse library property, computers, and equipment
  • Loiter on library property (indoors and outdoors)
  • Fight, push, or show any kind of inappropriate gesture or physical contact or display that is either unlawful or offensive to others
  • Run, skateboard, or roller blade anywhere on library property

The library has the right to regulate behavior as it relates to the function of the library. Any behavior that disrupts or interferes with an appropriate or safe environment for the public or staff is subject to reprimand.

Anyone displaying inappropriate behavior as mentioned above will be given one warning and told what is expected. If inappropriate behavior continues, the individual(s) will be asked to leave. Youth will call their parent for immediate pick-up and will need to leave the library for the rest of the day. If inappropriate behavior is repeated, the individual(s) will not be allowed to return to the library for an extended and specified period of time.