Start Your College Search with Edutrek
Our college search engine takes the hassle out of researching and connecting with colleges that meet your needs.

Family Resource Center
Sponsored by FUSD to serve all families of the Flagstaff community, offering tutoring, ESL, computer access, classes and more.

National Geographic Kids
Educator guides and newsletters of interest to parents

Services for Children and Youth-Coconino County
Directory of services provided by non-profit organizations, schools and government agencies.

Baby Names
Database of 10,000 names and their meanings

Parents -
Information on reading, preparing child for school, college, and more…
Activities, lessons, information, and advice for parents and educators

PBS Parents

New York Times Learning Network
News, summaries, daily news quizzes, and more…

Information on behavior, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting, and more…

Surfing the Net with Kids

NEA's Read Across America
Follow the parents and community link to find resources centered around your child's education needs

Zero to Three
Important information for parents and professionals on the early years
Explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities