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Location / General Questions

What are your hours (how late are you open)?
The East Flagstaff Community Library has slightly different hours than the Main Library. Check here for current hours.

Can I leave my child unattended?
Children under the age of 10 and persons with special needs must have adult supervision at all times. Read the full unattended persons policy.

How can I donate items to the library? What do you accept?
Read our donations guidelines. You can drop off donations at the Downtown Library Circulation Desk during library hours of operation.

Why wasn't the item I donated added to the collection?
Donations become the property of the Library and may be accepted, rejected, or given to the Friends of the Library for book sale purposes. Read our donations policy and collection development policy for more information.

Since the East Flagstaff Community Library is at the Coconino Community College, can I sign up for CCC classes at the library?
No. We have a great partnership with the college, but the best we can do is to hand you a class schedule.

If I check out an item from the Main Library, can I return it at the East Flagstaff Community Library?
Yes, we have a daily courier service that shuttles items between the two libraries. Likewise, items checked out at the East Flagstaff Community Library can be returned to the Main Library.

Where is your quiet study area at the East Flagstaff Community Library?
Unlike the Main Library which is quite large and has plenty of little nooks and crannies to find a quiet spot, the East Flagstaff Community Library is basically one big room. But most days, you can still find some peace and quiet at the East Flagstaff Community Library. Check us out on Saturday mornings when we're the least crowded.

What goes on in the East Flagstaff Community Library's Teen Room?
Realizing that teenagers are often left out of things at the library, the people who planned the East Flagstaff Community Library's new location at Coconino Community College, decided to dedicate a space that could belong to the teen population. It is often the busiest room in the library and is used and appreciated by lots of teens every day. The room is supervised during after school hours by a staff member who helps control the room and offers homework help. A Teen Advisory Board has also been established to plan events for the teens.

Do I have to have a college permit to park at the East Flagstaff Community Library?
No, we have our own parking lot with plenty of spaces. However, if the lot in front of the library happens to be full, you can park in the college parking area and if you are inadvertently given a parking citation, please bring it to the library or the college to have it voided.

Do you have a meeting room at the East Flagstaff Community Library?
Yes, we have a very large room that is available to non-profit groups. The room is often booked 2 to 3 times per day and reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Do you have a public fax machine?

Why can't I use a cell phone in the library?
The ringing of cell phones and hearing someone talking on a cell phone is distracting to the public and staff. They can be used in the lobby or outside the building.

Do you carry tax forms?
No. State and Federal forms are available on the Internet. View our tax information page.

Do you have meeting rooms available to the public?
Yes. There is a meeting room at the Main library and also one at the East Flagstaff Community Library. Meetings must be free and open to the public. Registration for room use is required. No food or drink is permitted. Read more about our meeting rooms.

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Computers / Internet

Why can't I log on to the computers?
You may have already used your 120 minutes for the day, your library card may have expired, or you may have an unpaid library bill. Library cards must be renewed and updated every three years.

How can I access the Internet?
With a Flagstaff Public Library card and pin number patrons are allowed 120 minutes of computer time per day. Additional time can be purchased. Read our electronic resources policy for more information.

How can my child use a computer?
Your child may have a maximum of 120 minutes of computer use per day with the use of either his/her or parents' library card. Extra sessions are $1 per 60-minute session. Using another person's card for extra sessions is prohibited.

I am a visitor, how can I access the Internet?
With an ID, adult visitors can obtain 60 minutes of computer time per day. Additional time can be purchased. View more information on computer sign-up.

Why are there time limits for computer use?
Because of the limited number of computers, time limits ensure that everyone who needs a computer will have equal access.

Why do the computers shut down ten minutes before closing?
In order to facilitate printing and the library closing in a timely manner, the server shuts down the computers at ten minutes before closing.

Why can't I get to the catalog in the morning?
The library web site will be down for a system backup 4:30 AM to 5:00 AM daily.

What programs do you have on your computers?
The library provides the following application software for public use: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. We also offer Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome for browsing the internet.

How can I save my projects at the library?
When using public computers in the libraries, it is recommended that you save your data to USB flash memory devices such as memory sticks, key drives, or flash drives or to CD-R or CD-RW disks. If you are typing something that is very valuable to you, save often and back it up by saving to more than one device.

Do you have CD / DVD burners?

Can I save my document to a library computer?
The library does not permit saving of data to public workstation hard drives for security / virus protection reasons.

Why can't I login to a database from home?
The library's subscription databases are purchased for the use of our patrons only. One must identify oneself as such when accessing them from outside the library by entering your library card number and PIN. Read about your PIN #.

Do you have wireless (WIFI)?
Wireless Internet access is available at both the Main Library and the East Flagstaff Community Library.

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Is there a fee for your programs?
There are no fees for library programs.

What programs do you have for children?
A variety of programs are offered, including preschool storytimes, Summer Reading Program for ages 2-16, a Book Club for ages 10 and up, Parent/Child Play & Learn Program, and other special programs such as holiday programs, craft programs, author visits, puppet shows, and educational programs for various ages.

Do you have storytimes?
We have Preschool Storytimes in fall, winter and spring sessions. Learn more about storytimes.

Do you offer storytime at the East Flagstaff Community Library, too?
Yes, in fact our storytimes are often booked to capacity even though we have quadrupled our storytimes since we opened. We also conduct a wonderful Summer Reading Program with lots of fun and opportunities for all ages.

When does your Summer Reading Program begin?
The Summer Reading Program begins in early June and finishes in early August. Go to the summer reading program page.

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How do I schedule a group visit?
Group visits must be scheduled in advance by calling 213-2330. Two weeks notice is recommended to avoid scheduling conflicts with other groups and library activities. Read more about visiting the Youth Services Department.

Do you proctor exams?
No. Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University both proctor exams.
View Coconino Community College's proctored exams FAQs
View Northern Arizona University's testing services page

Do you have a Notary Public?
No. There is a list in the yellow pages under "Notaries Public."

If there is an item on the shelf at one library, can I have it transferred to the other library?
Yes, items on the shelf at the Downtown Library or the East Flagstaff Community Library can be placed on hold for pickup at either location.

What is the PALS mobile?
The PALS mobile is the Youth Services bookmobile; it supports programs specific to young children, and stands for Preschoolers Acquiring Literacy Skills.

How many miles does the Coconino County Bookmobile travel?
The bookmobile travels approximately 700 miles per month in the winter and 900 miles per month in the summer.

I need an obituary from The Arizona Daily Sun. Can you find it for me?
Limited research services are provided by reference staff as time allows. A fee is charged for searches that require more than thirty minutes. Read our research policy.

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My Account / Library Card / Checkouts

How do I get a Library Card?
Depending on your residential status, you can get a card by different methods. Find more information about getting a Library card.

Do I need a separate card to use the East Flagstaff / Main Library?
Cards are valid at either location. Both locations have the same requirements in order to obtain a Library card.

Can I still use my old white card that says it's an East Flagstaff Library Card?
No, those became obsolete when we moved from Mount Elden Middle School to the Coconino Community College Building.

How old do you have to be to get a Library card?
The Library does not set a minimum age limit to obtain a Library card. Anyone under the age of 18 must have permission from either their parent or guardian to obtain a card. The parent or guardian must come to the Library, we cannot accept written permission. Parents/Guardians are legally responsible for any materials lost or damaged so it is up to the parent/guardian to decide when and if they want to get their child a card.

How do I get my child a library card?
Youth under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian show a current state issued I.D. with name, address, and picture, and a social security number, and proof of a local mailing address to receive a standard card. Youth ages 12-17 without a caregiver present or whose caregiver does not have acceptable ID can be issued a temporary card. Library cards are issued at the Circulation Desk.

How do I set up email, text, or phone notices for my account?
If you provide just a phone number when signing up for a card, you will get phone calls for holds. Because of budget cuts, the Library no longer mails out overdue notices. Providing an email address when signing up for a card will enable email notices for holds and overdues. You may also provide a cell phone number and receive text messages about holds and overdues. If you wish to change your notification information at any time, approach a staff member at an information desk. Or, log onto your account from our website and you can modify your notification information on you own!

How many items can I check out?
There is a limit of 30 items that can be out on your card. You can mix-and-match items [15 books, 10 music CDs, 5 DVDs] or check out 30 Books on CD. The choice is yours!

How long can I keep items out (what are the due dates)?
Due dates vary according to the format of the item (e.g. DVD vs. book). Read our material checkout policy.

Can I renew items (how do I renew items)?
You can renew items several ways. You can renew in person at the Library, by phone (213-2330-Main Library; 213-2348- East Flagstaff Library), or renew items online. To renew on-line you will need both your Library card number and your PIN. To renew in person or by phone, please have your Library card number handy.

How do I get a PIN?
You should get a four digit PIN number when you sign up for a card. You can request a new PIN number at any library service desk, with your library card. Read more about getting a PIN #. You can also log into your account from our website and change your PIN on your own at any time.

How long is my card valid (why did my library card expire)?
Library cards are issued for a 3-year period and then your card expires. When your card expires, you will be asked to verify that your address, phone number and other information is still correct. You will keep the same card and there is no charge to renew your library card.

I forgot my card. Can I still check items out?
Yes! If you forgot your card, you can check out using a picture ID (such as a driver's license).

I lost my card. What should I do?
Immediately report any lost card to the Library. You are responsible for any items checked out on a lost or stolen card until the library has been informed. To obtain a replacement card, you will need to meet the same requirements needed to obtain a card for the first time. There is also a $2.00 replacement card fee.

What happens if I lost an item?
You need to pay the replacement cost of the item. You can call the Library to find out the replacement cost. It is sometimes possible to purchase a replacement copy for a lost item. It needs to be the same type (i.e. not using a paperback book to replace a hardback book), and there is a still a $6.00 processing charge. Call the Library to get approval before purchasing a replacement copy.

What happens if I am billed for an item?
You will lose all Library privileges, such as borrowing items and internet use, until your account is cleared. Any holds you have will also be cancelled. When you are billed for overdue items, your account will also be charged a processing charge of $3.00 for each item. If your account is not cleared within 45 days, it will be sent to a collection agency.

Do you keep track of what I have checked out?
Once an item is returned it is removed from your account. We do not keep track of what you have previously checked out, so no, we cannot tell you the title of that great mystery you read last month!

How long can I check out an item from the bookmobile?
Bookmobile items are checked out for 65 days. PALS mobile items are checked out for 30 days.

Does the bookmobile ever sell books?
A guest can buy books from the bookmobile's small ongoing booksale.

"I've been number one on the hold list for forever. Why?"
There could be two reasons for this:
1. Sometimes the hold position that shows up when you view your account online is not accurate. This is due to software problems. Check with a service desk for an accurate position number.
2. You may be waiting for someone to return a long-overdue item. Your hold wait period will be as long as it takes for the previous patron to return that item.

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What is the difference between all the login options on your website?
There are several places to login to your account. Some of them are universal logins and some are one-time logins.

  • Home page: this is a universal login, which will allow you to place holds without signing in each time you place a new hold, and will also allow you to view your account without logging in again.
  • Catalog page: this is also a universal login (in the upper right hand corner), which will allow you to place holds without signing in each time you place a new hold, and will also allow you to view your account without logging in again.
  • My account page links: logins to renew your materials or alter your holds are one-time logins, which means you must login to the home page or catalog page for a universal login to the website.

How do I log into more than one account at a time?

  1. Our catalog system uses temporary session cookies. Every time you sign into one of the universal logins, you create a temporary cookie in your browser.
  2. Login as the first user by logging in from the library's home page.
  3. If you are using Windows, click on the START menu in the lower left corner of your screen.
  4. Click on PROGRAMS and select your browser program (i.e. Internet Explorer)
  5. This will open a new window of your browser and will also start a separate session in our catalog system
  6. Login to the second account in the new window.
  7. If you are using a Mac or Linux, open a new browser window by going to your applications folder and double clicking on the program.
  8. NOTE: opening a new browser window by going to the FILE menu or hitting CTRL-N will not allow you to sign in as more than one user.

Why can't I find book titles that include the words "not" or "with", i.e. "Bud, not Buddy"?
"Not" is a word used in Boolean searching to exclude words from a search. Therefore, to find titles including the word "not" (for example), the title must be placed in quotes, or, you can eliminate the word "not" from the search, since all searches are keyword.

There is no call number, where do I find this?
Fiction titles do not have call numbers. They are found in their genre section, i.e. Sci-Fi/ Fantasy, Mystery, Western, or Fiction, and arranged alphabetically by author. The author's name will appear on the spine of the item, with a genre mark above it (e.g. S-F = Sci-Fi, M = Mystery, W = Western)There are also separate locations within the library that are then divided by genre, i.e. juvenile, Arizona, large type, and paperback. Learn more about the library's call number system.

What does a letter in front of the number mean?
Letters refer to the area of the library where the material is located, i.e. J = Youth Services, R = Reference, A = Arizona, VC = Video, etc. For more detail, view floor plans of the libraries.

The library doesn't seem to own this title. What are my options?
If the book is more than a year old, out-of-print, or does not fit within our collection development policy criteria to purchase, we may be able to borrow it from another library, using Interlibrary Loan. We do not ILL items we own or media. If it is a new book or media that fits within the collection development policy, we may be able to buy it for the library's collection. Because of limited funds, a patron can request the library purchase up to ten titles per fiscal year. Read more about the library's purchasing policies.

This book is on the bookmobile, and the catalog says it is available. How can I get it?
A request must be submitted to the bookmobile staff and it may take several days to obtain the item. To submit a request, ask at one of the library service desks. However, if the title you want is new or popular, and also owned by Main Library or East Flagstaff Community Library, a hold must be placed on those copies. In this case, the bookmobile copy is reserved for bookmobile patrons.

Can I place a hold on an item that the catalog says is on the shelf?
Yes. Please note that your hold will not be available until the following day.

What do the numbers mean in the catalog or on the library's materials?
The numbers in the catalog refer to Dewey Decimal numbers. The letters in the catalog refer to specific item types and locations. Learn what our call numbers mean.

How do I find a magazine article?
The library provides several online magazine subscription databases. Hopefully you will find what you need by using the links on our magazine page.

How do I find books by a specific author?

  1. From the library's home page or catalog page, type the author's name into the yellow search box. You may type "last name, first name" or "first name, last name". Either will work. If you just know the last name, type that.
  2. From the drop-down menu on the right (where it says "words or phrase"), choose "author".
  3. Submit your search by clicking GO.

How do I place a hold on an item that is checked out?

  1. If you have just performed a search in the catalog, click on the "More Info" button next to the item you would like to place a hold on.
  2. Click on "Place Hold", which is located on the left of the screen.
  3. If you are not signed into the catalog, enter your library card number and PIN # to place your hold.

How can I limit a search to only DVD's, music CD's, juvenile books on tape, etc?.

  1. From the library's home page or catalog page, type your search into the yellow search box.
  2. From the "Material Type" drop-down menu, choose the format you'd like to search on.
  3. Submit your search by clicking GO.

Do you have movies in Spanish or French?
Yes. We have a small collection of videos in non-English languages. Many DVDs also come with multiple language options.

Can I get a list of what movies (etc.) you own?
We have thousands of movies available - too many to make a printable list. However, to view all our videos or DVDs:

  1. From the library's home page or catalog page, leave the yellow search box blank.
  2. From the "Material Type" drop-down menu, choose the format you'd like to search on (look under DVD or under Video Cassette).
  3. Submit your search by clicking GO.

Why can't I get to the catalog in the morning?
The library web site will be down for a system backup 4:30 AM to 5:00 AM daily.

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