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*remote access - must use library card and pin #
Supplies telephone numbers, addresses, sales information, executives, SIC code and yellow page headings, headquarters, branches, subsidiaries, number of employees range, estimated sales volume range, stock exchanges, Government offices, single point mapping link to Map Quest, and the ability to search by city, county, state addresses or phone number.

SCORE Northern Arizona
A nonprofit association that provides free counseling and advice from retired business people to small business owners. Counselors to Arizona's small businesses includes links to northern Arizona and the national association.

United States Small Business Association (SBA)
Offers information to the small business owner or to those who want to start a small business.

Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)
Offers information to Arizona small business owners on the resources and benefits available to them that will aid in the development, growth and success of their businesses.

ThomasNet (Thomas Register)
comprehensive resource for industrial information. Features include:
  • Local search - allows industrial buyers to find the right suppliers, distributors and service companies they need, whether that's across town or across the country.
  • Industrial focus - the editorial content is 100% industrial including manufacturers, distributors and service providers.
  • In-depth content, industrial-specific, detailed technical information - over 20 million CAD drawings, access to over 650,000 distributors, manufacturers and service companies classified in over 67,000 product and service categories.
  • Customization - the ability to modify search results, save profiles, and e-mail potential suppliers. The latest industrial product news, customizable by category.

Small Bussiness Services (SBS)
A website where you can find information on Arizona licensing, statewide resources. certification. certification opportunities. and much more. We are here for every stage of your business development.