The time capsule is encased in the main library entranceway.

  • Cover letter to citizens of 2094 from 1994 Centennial Committee
  • Letter of instruction description of preservation techniques
  • Flagstaff Album by Richard & Sherry Mangum
  • Mountain Town: Flagstaff's First Century by Platt Cline
  • From the Hill: the Story of Lowell Observatory by Rose Houk
  • Arizona Daily Sun insert, April 1994; May 26, 1994
  • Arizona Highways May 1994, signed by Governor Symington
  • U.S.A. Today May 5, 1994
  • The Lowell Observor, Spring 1994
  • Photograph winners of the Centennial Youth Art Award sponsored by the Coconino Center for the Arts with student comments. Work entitled Self Portrait.
  • Photograph and memories by Larry Hillhouse, summers at Mayhew's Cabin
  • Postage stamp collection; 25th anniversary of the Moon Landing, Legends of the West, Black Heritage, World Cup Soccer, Circus (micro-imprinted), Norman Rockwell (micro-imprinted), LOVE, Canyon de Chelly postcard, Western Americana envelope, Buffalo Soldiers, Chinese New Year, U.S.A. Olympics, Grand Canyon 75th anniversary $10 stamp and postcard
  • 1994 Flagstaff Proclamation
  • Centennial essays, biographies and photographs: Jill Dawson, Alana Veinus, Jamie Jordan, Sarah Owen, Emily Julien, Sue McCullough, & Robyn Strong
  • Photographic negatives and aerial view of Flagstaff by Peter Bloomer
  • Centennial coin, Arizona Custom Coins & Medallions
  • 2 photographs of bristle cone pine trees, the Centennial tree

The time capsule was donated by: Greer's Mountain View Mortuary
Engraving donated by: Flag Stamp and Engraving