January 8, 2024

New Chess Club

Chess pieces on a chess board

The Downtown Library is pleased to announce our new Chess Club!  Did you know playing chess can teach children how to solve problems, be creative, and think strategically?  Did you know chess players tend to stay calm under pressure and are better planners? Did you know playing chess can improve memory, build self-confidence, and increase self-awareness?  And it’s fun!

Players age 7 and up are encouraged to join us on Tuesday, January 16th at 3:45pm for our inaugural meeting.  All are welcome whether you are new to chess or have been playing for years.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of chess including the objective, how the pieces move and basic strategies. You’ll also be introduced to library resources to improve your game. Chess Club will meet on January 16th, January 30th, 
February 20th and March 5th at the Downtown Library for the winter session.  Please call 928-213-2381 or email youthservices@flagstaffpubliclibrary.org for more information.  See you there!