Emergency Closing

Although Flagstaff Libraries will make every effort to remain open on business or scheduled workdays there may be instances where conditions make it impossible to do so. These include, but are not limited to severe weather, declared state of emergency, utility disruptions, natural disasters, and terrorist actions. Employee safety will be a primary consideration. The following information will set forth Flagstaff Libraries and employee obligations regarding reporting to work, use of leave, and pay issues when circumstances impact Flagstaff Libraries’ ability to be open for business. Employees should familiarize themselves with the following procedures and print a hard copy in case Flagstaff Libraries’ server is down due to power/technical failure.

Flagstaff Libraries may close if the electricity is out, severe weather has made roads unsafe, or a state of emergency has been declared. The decision to close Flagstaff Libraries will be made by the City Manager during regular City of Flagstaff business hours (M-F, 8am-4:30pm). The Library Director or a Library Director's appointee will decide outside of regular City of Flagstaff hours.


The City of Flagstaff’s inclement weather hotline (928-213-2006) is updated whenever a closure is announced during City of Flagstaff regular business hours. Outside regular City of Flagstaff business hours, Supervisors will make every effort to contact direct reports to confirm the closure decision. If in doubt as to the closure of Flagstaff Libraries, employees are instructed to contact their immediate supervisor.

Employees who are required to report to work but choose to stay home because of hazardous weather or emergency closings may use approved accrued leave to cover the time missed with supervisor approval. Employees who have work that can be done remotely should discuss this option with their supervisor.

Partial Day Closure

In the event of inclement weather, power outage, or other emergency, management may determine that the Flagstaff libraries will close early or open late. On-duty or scheduled employees will only be paid for hours worked. Lost work affected by the closure may be rescheduled during the same work week with supervisor approval.

Any employees who wish to report to work during a closure must have permission from their supervisor to do so. Depending upon which branch is closed, alternative work locations/arrangements may be made for employees to return to work. Supervisors may approve some work from home.