Youth services computers are for use by youth ages 18 and under

The Library uses PC Reservation software to schedule and control computer use. Library card holders may have a maximum of 90 minutes of free computer use per day. Computers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Additional computer sessions may be purchased for $3 per half hour.

Internet games are allowed at Youth Services Computers, including the Teen Zone. E-mail is also allowed in the Teen Zone in the Youth Services Lab. A parent may use an Internet computer in the Youth Services lab while their young child is also using a computer.

Printing is 15 cents per page and money must be deposited before anything can be printed. Labels, envelopes, transparencies, and letterhead are NOT allowed. Only library paper may be used.

No more than two people may use any particular computer at one time.

Children under 6 years old must have help using the computers.

The Internet is unregulated and constantly changing. The library has no control over the information available on the network, its quality, accuracy, or currency. Individual users must determine the appropriateness of materials for their needs. Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for their child's exposure to ideas and information. As with all library resources, parents are encouraged to supervise their child's use of the internet.

Violation of library policy, obscenity laws, tampering with computer system security, unauthorized altering of software configurations, attempts to damage hardware or software, and/or using the workstation for illegal, criminal, or inappropriate purposes will result in loss of Internet privileges and may be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal officials.