All groups who wish to visit the library must call and schedule their visit in advance, regardless of whether library staff provide any of the services listed below. Two weeks notice is recommended to avoid scheduling conflicts with other groups and library activities.

Preschool through 2nd grade:

Group visits are tailored as much as possible to the group's request. A typical visit would be 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and could include:

  • a short tour of the Youth Services area, pointing out the materials that should be of interest to this age group
  • a short storytime
  • a short explanation of how to get a library card, how to check out, choose, and take care of library books, and expected behavior while in the building.
  • reading and book check out

3rd grade and up:

Group visits are tailored as much as possible to the group's request. Stories are usually not provided. A typical group visit might last 45 minutes to an hour and could include:

  • brief tour of all public service areas in the building,
  • including Adult and Youth Services reference, periodicals, Circulation, computer online databases, online catalog
  • an explanation of basic library policies including behavior, how to obtain a library card, loan periods, and book limits
  • more detailed instruction in how to use reference materials and how to search for report materials in specific subject areas.
  • book talk on a specific subject
  • reading and book check out

Special Needs:

We welcome special needs groups and any of the services listed above are available upon request.

So that we may accommodate all groups that wish to use the library and in order to avoid conflicts with scheduled storytimes, other group visits, and general public use, no more than one class can be scheduled at a time. Repeat visits will be limited to once every two weeks.

Available times for requesting group visits vary so please call and schedule before finalizing the date and time with your school and/or transportation.

Behavior Policy for all groups:

Polite and quiet behavior is encouraged and appreciated. It is important that the rights of all library users be protected, and to ensure this, library staff and accompanying adults must occasionally correct disruptive or inappropriate behavior. This includes loud conversation, screaming, running, fighting and hitting, bothering other patrons or exhibiting rudeness to adults or other children, and carelessly using or destroying library materials or equipment. If the behavior is not corrected, the group may be asked to leave the library.

Adults are responsible for the behavior of the children while they are in the library and are required to remain with their group at all times. A discussion with youth about expected behavior before coming to the library is recommended. We also recommend 1 adult for every 6 children in preschool groups through grade 2 and 1 adult for every 8 children in grades 3 and up.

Please be on time. If you are late and another group is scheduled immediately following you, your time at the library may have to be shortened. If you will be late or need to cancel, please call. Due to preparation and staffing involved in group visits, "no shows" (groups who do not cancel and do not show up) will not be allowed to reschedule for a period of a month. 24 hours notice of cancellation is requested.

Contact information:

Downtown Library 
300 W. Aspen 

East Flagstaff Community Library 
3000 N. 4th St.