The public library contains numerous materials and resources that can be used for research purposes. Independent research by the public is encouraged. Limited research services are provided by library staff as time allows.

Library staff cannot analyze information, give advice, prepare reports and summaries, or copy information for which reproduction is in violation of Federal Copyright Law.

Legal or medical research is excluded and legal or medical information is limited to definitions from available reference sources. Research outside the scope of the library collection or resources will not be done by library staff.


Research will be charged at $50/hour, and charged in half hour increments. Photocopies are charged at .15/page.

Projects estimated to take several hours will be charged for partial payment before research begins. Cash or checks are acceptable. Checks should be made out to the Flagstaff Public Library. Credit card payments cannot be processed by the library.


Staff time for extensive research is extremely limited, therefore completion of a lengthy project may take several weeks.

Extensive research may also be obtained by contacting individuals or businesses in the community that provide this service. A brief list is available on request.


Research results or copies can be delivered by mail, fax, or picked up at the library.