The Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library (“Library”) welcomes everyone to use its’ facilities and services. Some patrons have a neurodivergence that impair their ability to comply with the behavioral policy of the library. The responsibility for the care, safety and behavior of individuals with any neurodivergence that affects their ability to comply with the library’s behavioral policy rests with the parent/guardian or responsible caregiver. Library staff are not trained to assess a patron’s level of ability and cannot assume responsibility for vulnerable individuals.

We welcome anyone, regardless of ability to our programs. If any reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in programs, please call 928-213-2331. Three days prior notice is requested.


Vulnerable individual: an individual who, at any given time, does not have the ability to safely use the library’s facilities, programs, or services independently, and who is not accompanied by a caregiver. Library staff are not trained to asses disability or neurodivergence and must use their judgment and discretion in determining whether an individual is vulnerable.


Everyone is required to comply with the Library’s Behavioral Policy.

If an individual with a neurodivergence or disability is vulnerable – during Library hours or after Library closing hours – and parent/guardian or caregiver cannot be contacted to provide care or transportation, Library staff will call the Flagstaff Police Department.